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Barge container carrier /
Skip vehicle system

· Recommended for non compactable waste; 2, 5, 6 and 9 m3 containers. Our large transport fleet can cover a wide geographical area, thus providing a more rapid and efficient service.

Box container /
Truck with MultiLift hook system

· Suitable for transporting large amounts of non compactable bulky waste. Containers of 12, 20 and 30 m3 available (with doors for easier loading and unloading).

Stationary compactor /
Mobile compactor

· Specially indicated to reduce emptying frequency in companies that generate high volumes of compactable waste (board, plastic, organic).

· Mobile compactors (from 12 up to 30 m3) are equipped with a hydraulic press that provides a compaction ratio of aproximately 5:1.

· Airtight compactors. Backload turn lifters can be attached to them, in order to provide a transfer system in the same premises.

Tanker trucks /

· Suitable for transporting innocuous, toxic or hazardous liquids (TPS/ADR).

· 2, 7 and 22 m3 tankers available.

· Suction-impulsion vehicles equipped with leading technology in hydrodynamic cleaning.

TMA is specialized in integrated waste management. We provide global, practical and convenient service for industries, public administrations, self employed professionals and private individuals.

Each project is customer-tailored, optimizing waste management costs. Experience and know-how allow us to offer a top quality service, fulfilling every current requirement or legal specification.

1m3 container /
Rear load

· STRONG AND LIGHT, with a reinforced polyester lid.

· Fully AIRTIGHT, more hygienic and eco-friendly. Avoids the negative impact that waste can cause on your corporative image.

· USABLE and PRACTICAL, can be effortlessly maneouvered.

· EASY ACCESS. It also incorporates a wheel-blocking foot brake.

Containers /
Front load

· Saves cost, space (less number of containers required), and reduces the number of travels needed to dispose of the waste thanks to the high capacity of our containers (2.15 m3, 4.20 m3 and 6.15 m3 models available).

· Improved hygiene, better odour- and insects prevention, thanks to its airtight characteristics (the container incorporates a fire-proof lid).

· Avoids the negative visual impact produced by lying paper and board.

Jumbo /
Rear load

·· Economical, due to the use of a compressing collecting truck on a route and a high capacity container (from 5 up to 9 m3).

· Ideal for lightweight, bulky industrial waste.

· Possibility of a continued or sporadical service; an economical monthly rental is also available.

TMA is specialized in integrated waste management. We take care of every step in the process in a global, flexible, practical and economical way, for industries, public administrations, self-employed professionals or private individuals.

We study each project individually, optimising equipment performance and waste processing costs. Our long and recognized experience in this sector ensures a maximum quality service that meets both current necessities and administrative requirements.

HAZARDOUS WASTE contains elements, substances, compounds, residues (or a combination of them) that, due to characteristics of corrosivity, reactivity, explosiveness, toxicity, flammability or biological infectiousness represent a danger for the environment, health or the natural resources.

· Small volumes

· Large volumes

· Manipulation and conditioning

CONTAINERS and CLOSURES are leak-proof designed and are resistant to internal corrosion.

Containers provided by TMA are characteristically SOLID, RESISTANT and EASY to manipulate and store. Our hazardous waste containers specific for gases -compressed, liquefied or dissolved under pressure- comply the current legislation on packaging types and methods.

Hazardous waste packaging and storage prevents heat generation, explosions, ignitions, formation of toxic substances and any other effect which could increase their danger or hinder their appropiate management.

TMA issues a final management certificate for the processed and disposed waste, thus meeting legal requirements and the highest enviromental standards.

At TMA we have the necessary infraestructures to provide specific solutions for every hazardous waste type; the full process is covered, from transport in our TPC/ADR vehicles (specific for this type of waste), to transfer stations.

Our highly qualified team ensures maximum safety in our services. We fulfill every legal requirement in hazardous waste management. Contact us, we will be pleased to inform and give you personal advice.

For over 50 years, TMA has been working day after day to offer its customers the best quality service and optimal care of the Environment, based on the circular economy and our Zerowaste philosophy.

Our state-of-the-art Wastewater Station (EDAR) is integrated into the Port of Barcelona Plant, which has 5 hazardous and non-hazardous waste management lines, with a treatment capacity of 165.000 tm/year.

At TMA we manage and treat industrial wastewater 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, we have our own fleet of trucks and tankers with ADR code, equipped with the latest technology.

Management and Treatment /

The wastewater line, provided with the best available means and technologies, allows optimal treatment through the following processes:

· Hydrocarbons separator

· Filtering of wastewater in order to avoid solids in the process

· Homogenization and pre-aeration of the flow

· Physical-chemical treatment

· Two sequential biological reactors (SBR) with anaerobic, anoxic and/or aerobic digestion

· Internal treatment of the generated sludge in the stabilization line

Laboratory /

Our own laboratory performs the necessary analytical tests, both of preliminary commercial samples and of reception samples. Our specialists evaluate the input of samples of the waste for its characterisation and treatment before the access to the system as well as guarantee a high-quality recycled product by constant analysis.

Our laboratory participates actively in the operative processes and provides a continuous improvement of the treatment of industrial wastewater.

Logistics /

All our latest generation equipment complies with regulations and environmental requirements.

· Truck fleet (2-30m3)

· Tanker fleet with ADR (7-30m3)

Safety and certification /

After having carried out the pertinent services, TMA is certified to send all certificates that our customers may require.

All our centres are authorised by the appropriate local authorities and comply with the authorised spill limits specified by the RMAAR.

In addition, TMA has obtained ISO 9001 Quality certification, ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification and OHSAS 18001 Healthy and Safety certification.

TMA incorporates MARPOL services, with its own new, latest generation facilities in the Por of Barcelona. TMA handles MARPOL waste according to the international convention for the prevention of pollution from ships, Maritime Convention MARPOL 73/78, and Directive 2000/59/EC.

Logistics /

TMA provides its customers with 24-hours service, 365 days a year. For this, we have two ships of our own, equipped with the latest technology for collecting MARPOL waste.

· JAK UNO. Mainly used for collecting MARPOL I, with versatility for other MARPOL collection services.

· JAK DOS. For collection of MARPOL V, as its main activity, with versatility for handling MARPOL waste.

We also have our own fleet of lorries and tankers with ADR code for transporting our customers’ waste to our treatment plant located within the port.

Treatment and disposal /

TMA has its own laboratory for classifying MARPOL waste and handling it according to the appropriate treatment line within our plant in the Port of Barcelona:

· Hydrocarbons

· Industrial water

· Stabilisation and inerting

· Non-hazardous waste sorting and transfer centre (SANDACH Certification)

· Hazardous waste sorting and transfer centre.

We also have close-by facilities for handling certified destruction in less than 24 hours (customs management), medication, biomedical and recoverable waste.

Safety and certification /

After having carried out the pertinent services, TMA is certified to send all certificates that our customers may require.

All our centres are authorised by the Waste Agency of Catalonia. In addition, TMA has obtained ISO 9001 Quality certification, ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification and OHSAS 18001 Healthy and Safety certification.

Supply /
Convenient containers for different types of biomedical waste and chemicals.

Various sizes available to meet specific needs:

· Containers from 1 up to 6 l.

· Vessels of 30/60 l.

· Stackable bottles from 5 up to 30 l.

Transport /
Certified and safe

Our technical team examines the specific requirements of each customer, designing an optimal collecting schedule for every case. TMA is authorized by the Agencia de Residuos de Catalunya (Waste Agency of Catalonia) with number T-099 and is registered in the Register for Waste Carriers. Our vehicle fleet meets the technical requirements of Decree 27/99 and the normative of the European Agreement concerning International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road. (ADR)

Disposal /
Processing and final management

Thanks to an innovative autoclave sterilization system, biosanitary waste is processed, sterilized and shredded, completing its cycle as waste similar to urban waste.

TMA has the most advanced biosanitary waste processing facilities. TMA is authorized for managing different biosanitary waste types, as well as hazardous waste, and is registered as manager E-1123.09.

We offer a sound, flexible and efficient integrated waste mangement service, covering every step from specific containers supply to certified waste transport and its ultimate processing and disposal.

Hospitals, health and first aid centres, private practices, clinics both public and private, laboratories, veterinary clinics, pharmacists and other professionals in this sector can rely on TMA’s global and qualified management, which meets the most strict international security requirements.

TMA includes a specific new line of treatment to its final waste Management System oriented towards inerting and stabilizing drugs and cosmetics out of date or out of specification (from medical centres, pharmacies, clinics, laboratories...).

To suppress the danger of this kind of waste in a way that does not affect the environment or human health, TMA applies specific techniques to conditioning, transport and treatment.

Conditioning and Logistics /

Thanks to a previous detailed analysis of our clients’ goals, TMA offers a specialized solution, developing and managing an action plan that defines the necessary processes and resources to guarantee maximum service quality.

TMA supplies containers and proper systems to obtain a right conditioning and a secure manufacturing depending on needs, production volume, frequency and storage space.  

The large transport fleet from TMA, equipped with the newest loading and transport systems, guarantees a fast and effective logistics service for your company.


Treatment and Disposal phases in our own centre /


The particularity of the Drugs and Cosmetics Stabilization and inerting plant integrated into the TMA Bio Sanitary Waste Management Centre in Terrassa is its high degree of automation.

Moreover, it incorporates several technological innovations in both selection and classification processes that allow a remarkable improvement in recycling percentages of drugs, pharmaceutical products and cosmetics packaging.

Methodology /
Safe and quality process

We manually separate drugs or cosmetics from all the recyclable fractions that go with them (such as paper, board or plastics) and send them to a compaction phase, reducing their dimensions and increasing the contact area. After it undergoes all the quality tests, we finally mix drugs in the stabilization phase and proceed to transport and dispose the final product.

TMA centralizes the entire traceability process of the waste from its conditioning phase to the transport and disposal phases.

Office paper /

· We SUPPLY clearly identified paper bins, and additionally 1100 l containers (according to your needs), where your maintenance staff can empty the bins content.

· Containers are emptied in a compacting truck on an eco-friendly route at a determined FREQUENCY: daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly...

· We also provide PRESSES for facilities that generate high paper and board waste volumes.

Packaging /

· SEPARATED COLLECTION service for aluminium cans, plastic packages and vending machine containers. We supply clearly identified bins for each material.

· Variable COLLECTION frequency: daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly...

Batteries /

· We provide specific containers for button cells and pencil batteries. Biannual collection.

Lamps and fluorescent tubes /

· Specific container for lamps and fluorescent tubes provided. Biannual collection.

Toner and ink cartridges /

· We provide a clearly identified container for toner and ink cartridges. Biannual collection.

TMA offers separated collection services with vehicles adapted to every waste type. Customers can establish a collection frequency according to their waste volume and the number of containers/igloos/cages. Presses for different production volumes are available.

Your company's confidential information is too important for it to fall into the hands of unauthorized third parties. The abuse of such information may result in serious consequences for your company.

Any format /

To avoid this situation, at TMA we offer our customers a guaranteed service of documents and confidential data destruction, whatever their format: paper, CD-ROMs, hard disks, USB sticks, obsolete products, merchandising, etc.

Collection and destruction process /

The entire process of collection and destruction is certified and guaranteed, complying with the latest European standards and regulations reflected in the standard UNE-EN 15713:2010 and in the necessary security levels defined in the standard DIN-32757-1.

Using metallic containers prepared in our customers' facilities, TMA uniformed personnel comes to the collection of confidential documents and data, according to the set frequency, moving the documentation in safe vehicles to our facilities for their subsequent destruction.

Certified and guaranteed according to normative /

Our customers can witness their documents and sensitive data destruction in situ. In addition, if necessary, all our actions can be notarized.

Once the destruction process has been carried out, TMA extends a confidential certificate of destruction, thus ensuring and guaranteeing our work performance and our customers' full satisfaction.

Inspection /
Pipes and sewerage by colour-TV

· Accurate LOCATION within the network of the fault, avoiding expensive exploratory drills. This means a considerable saving for the customer.

· INSPECTION of new networks and highly accurate measurement of pipe slopes and profiles.

· DELIVERY of written report, photographies and recordings of the work carried out in order to compile the Technical Buildings Reports (ITE).

Cleaning and maintenance /
Pipes and sewerage

· PREVENTIVE maintenance work using suction and impulsion systems on a scheduled frequency.

· Sewerage network MAINTENANCE.

· Flooded parkings DRAINAGE.

Unclogging /
Sewerage and septic tanks

Technical cleaning and unclogging of sewerage and emptying of septic tanks (also for pipes). Water drainage in lift pit manholes and basements.

At TMA we specialize in services for the industry, public administration, condominium administrators and owners associations, insurance companies and private clients.

Free of charge inspection /

· TMA’s specialized technicians inspect your premises in order to make a diagnosis and draw up an action plan.

Service programme /

· We design specific programmes, pest control methods and an appropiate location of the control units for each customer, always according to the Health Ministry regulations.

Maintenance and control /

· We control the service programme with scheduled quarterly INTERVENTIONS.

· We submit a treatment REPORT after each intervention.

TMA is inscribed in the official Registry of pest control establishments and services of the Departament de Sanitat i Seguretat Social de la Generalitat de Catalunya (Department of Health and Social Security of the Government of Catalonia) (no. 0248CAT-SB).

We offer following services:

Insect extermination /

Flying insect control /

Rodent extermination /

Disinfection /

Rodents and insects are a health and security risk for your business, home, building or administration, which can cause social alarm and also mean an administrative sanction. When pests are not adequately treated, they can transmit infections -like salmonella or the Weil’s disease (leptospirosis)-, damage stored products and buildings, or contaminate food and goods.

Graffiti removal /

We perform tasks such as graffiti removal, helping you to always keep clean and in good condition your administration, house or business buildings.

Street cleaning /

TMA has a wide recognized experience in street and road cleaning (sweeping, cleaning and watering), in both urban and industrial areas. We hold a comprehensive fleet of vehicles and cleaning tools that allow us to offer an optimal tailored service to each client, taking into account their particular circumstances, thus delivering a swift and efficient performance.

Building cleaning /

As part of our comprehensive, integrated proposal for cleaning services, TMA also provides complementary cleaning services. We run all kinds of cleaning tasks for buildings, local and municipal offices.

Extractive activities /

The TMA Group companies have quarries for the extraction of clays and/or aggregates for different activities, including the construction or the ceramic industries, among others.

At TMA we facilitate the construction companies work, thanks to the contribution of our specialized staff and state-of-the-art equipment, in both public and private works, performing:

Demolition /

Earth moving and excavation /

Civil engineering works /

Containers supply /

We work in conjunction with any construction company in the following areas:

· Land analysis. Sounding and exploration.

· Engineering and architecture project.

· Earth moving, excavations, foundations and demolitions.

· Collection, transport and earth and rubble management, in controlled landfill.

Espais Verds is the gardening specialized company within the TMA Group /

· Garden design and planning.

· Garden construction.

· Installation of automatic irrigation systems.

· Green spaces and garden maintenance for public institutions, companies, communities and private customers.

· Arboriculture: pruning, transplanting and other specialized services.

· Forest services: land clean-up, restoration of forestry areas, slopes stabilization.

· Manufacturing and sale of soils, fertilizers, substrates and supplements.

Our multidisciplinar team includes engineers, green keepers, master gardeners and first-class journeymen (both gardeners and pruners). They are all in permanent training in order to meet the highest standards in customer service.

Espais Verds holds following certifications:

· ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification.

· ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification.

· OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification.

· Certificate of inscription in the Official Register of plant material suppliers

· Certificate of inscription in the Official Register of pest control establishments and services.

· Certificate of inscription in the Official Register of phytosanitary treatment against the Rhynchophorus ferrugineus pest in palm trees.

Manufacturing /

Our own-manufactured products meet the highest quality standards of private individuals and companies.





Sale /

Our soils and gardening supplements range are available in two sale formats:


· PACKAGED PRODUCTS SALE. Packs of 5, 10, 20, 30 and 50 l.

TMA offers technical assesment and helps you to select the most suitable product, according to your project’s needs.

We hold following certifications:

· ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification.

· ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification.

· OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification.

TMA offers a wide assortment in soils and gardening supplements. For your convenience, we can transport your order directly to your premises in our vehicles.