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BARCELONA | Atención al Cliente

Avda. Can Fontanals s/n. 08195
Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)

T: 902 25 41 11 / F: 936 74 16 52 /


C/ Port de Haifa esq. Port de Ningbo 08039
Parque de Terminales Portuarias DELTA 1. Puerto de Barcelona (Barcelona)

T: 902 25 41 11 / F: 936 74 16 52 /


Camino de la Garrofera, s/n. 46250
Montortal - Guadassuar (Valencia)

T: 960 65 40 29 / F: 935 89 69 36 /


Paraje Altos de Verdú, s/n. 03660
Apartado de correos 19. Novelda (Alicante)

T: 902 44 06 06 / F: 935 89 69 36 /


Paraje del Pino y Losa Honda, s/n. 02696
Hoya Gonzalo (Albacete)

T: 967 09 06 31 / F: 935 89 69 36 /

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TMA - MARPOL services in the Port of Barcelona

Your Comprehensive MARPOL Waste Manager

For over 50 years, TMA has been working day after day to offer its customers the best quality Comprehensive Waste Management service and optimal care of the environment based on circular economy and our Zerowaste philosophy.

Thanks to our sustained growth, TMA incorporates MARPOL services, with its own new, latest generation facilities in the Port of Barcelona.


All-in-one with TMA (one supplier)

We collect and treat all your MARPOL waste (MARPOL I, II, IV, V, VI) with our own land and maritime fleet.

  • Barges for MARPOL services (JAK UNO and JAK DOS).
  • Tanker fleet (7-30m3).
  • Truck fleet (2-30m3).
  • Customized containers/bins.

TMA is the most versatile and efficient company in the Port of Barcelona that can provide all MARPOL Services by own means (fleet and facilities), 24/7.


ZeroWaste Philosophy

All the activities of the group run by the ZeroWaste work philosophy. Our goal is to minimize the waste to disposal and the impact of waste on the environment. If there is a solution to avoid disposal, we study, develop and implement it.

With our ZW Philosophy, all your cruises can directly save costs converting your sorting process into incomes by our waste recycling and reuse cruises project. TMA is your Real & Reliable MARPOL service provider in the Port of Barcelona.