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Avda. Can Fontanals s/n. 08195
Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)

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C/ Port de Haifa esq. Port de Ningbo 08039
Parque de Terminales Portuarias DELTA 1. Puerto de Barcelona (Barcelona)

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Camino de la Garrofera, s/n. 46250
Montortal - Guadassuar (Valencia)

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Paraje Altos de Verdú, s/n. 03660
Apartado de correos 19. Novelda (Alicante)

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Paraje del Pino y Losa Honda, s/n. 02696
Hoya Gonzalo (Albacete)

T: 967 09 06 31 / F: 935 89 69 36 /

At TMA we offer much more than an Integrated Waste Management Service: everything from transport to waste treatment solutions or gardening projects, as well as advanced assessment and consulting services.

Today, TMA is a highly competitive company due to the daily and continued effort of our team, aimed at meeting our clients' needs while offering a reliable and qualified service. The trust of over five thousand private, commercial and industrial customers in more than 50 years of service has made it possible.

Diverse ISO and OSHSAS certificates ensure the quality of our services in every step of the process. Our customers can depend on us: we guarantee the achievement of our objectives.

Because at TMA we want to stay nearer to our clients, nearer to a better future for everyone. Because we care for environment.

Resources /


TMA has leading-edge facilities and equipments. Based in Sant Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona), the company has also branch offices in Valencia, Alicante and Albacete. Our headquarters occupies an area of more than 33000 m2, including administrative centre, sorting plant, treatment plant and workshops. In Spain we have also following facilities:


· Transfer centre

· Classification, sorting and recovery plant

· Refuse-derived fuel (RDF) plant

· Hospital waste treatment and final management centre

· Hazardous waste transfer centre

· Composting plant

· Pallets recovery centre

· Soil, fertilizers, substrates and supplements packaging and marketing plant

· Green points (“dexaillerías”)

· Controlled landfills


· Transfer centre - Recovery plant

· Controlled landfill


· Recovery centre

· Type II controlled landfill

· Biosanitary waste treatment plant

· Refuse-derived fuel (RDF) plant

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Human resources

More than 400 workers are part of our multidisciplinar team. Our highly specialized professionals and over 45 years experience in the waste management sector ensure maximum quality and response potential in every service.

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Services Summary /

Integrated waste management


· Advice | Environmental consultancy

· Transport | Industrial collection, municipal collection, containers and separated collection.

· Processing

· By-products recovery

· Disposal


· General waste | Industrial solid waste (ISW), Municipal solid waste (MSW), Inert waste (IW)

· Recoverable waste | glass, paper, board, plastic, wood, ferrous...

· Hazardous | small and large volumes, handling and treatment

· Biomedical waste

· Drugs and cosmetics

· Liquids

General Services

· Colour-TV inspection of pipes and sewerage

· Cleaning and maintenance of pipes and sewerage

· Technical cleaning and unclogging of sewers and septic tanks

· Pest prevention and control: insects and rodents

· Graffiti and spray paint removal

· Street cleaning

· Building cleaning

· Extractive activities

Construction Industry

· Demolition

· Earth moving and excavation

· Civil engineering works

· Skip supply


· Garden design and construction

· Green spaces maintenance

· Arboriculture

· Manufacturing and sale of soils, fertilizers, substrates and supplements

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